Saturday, November 24, 2007

WNCI Folds To Fake Outrage: Morning Zoo Should Shut Down and Stop Wasting Our Time

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WNCI Morning Zoo has a song that they have been playing for quite awhile. As the Dispatch descirbes it,
“The song, called Bunch of Mexicans (to the tune of David Bowie's Young Americans), describes a group of 14 Mexicans misunderstanding orders at a fast-food restaurant, working as landscapers, traveling in "packs" and evading immigration authorities."
Of course, now in a post-Imus world any threat of a boycott, ANY threat, realistic or not, causes the lawyers to pressure management to fold. Ah, the wonders of free speech.

What is important to understand here is that there was only the threat of a boycott if no apology came this week. The group, led by Jose Mas, chairman of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition, was SO outraged that he waited until now to threaten a boycott.

With the exception of Rosa Parks and the Bus system, please, someone show me one example of a boycott that actually worked. The song was not offensive. It was, however a chance for Mr. Mas to capitalize on it for attention.

Only in 2007 do people really think they make a difference by making grown men say “I’m sorry” like I make my 4-year-old do sometimes. Be clear about this, because so many radio and TV owners fold to fake outrage and bulls**t pressure we now live in a world that is to be sterile of any satire of any group… Well except of whites and Christians. That is still ok.

So is Mr. Mas going to call for a boycott of Comedy Central because of the Carlos Mencia Show and their satirical comments on Mexicans? Of course not. Same reason Al Sharpton did not go after David Chappell while attacking Don Imus. Hypocritical asses and media whores.

Read the Dispatch story.

As if I needed another reason to hate terrestrial radio. Shame on you WNCI. Shut the Morning Zoo down. If you will not stand up for satire, you are wasting everyone’s time. You claim to respond to your listeners, but it was not listeners who complained, it was Mr. Mas, who, if he was actually a listener, would have complained when the song originally aired years ago.

UPDATE: I have sent a link to this to Dave and Jimmy of the Morning Zoo. We will see if they respond and justify their ability to fold under fake pressure.


OandAFan said...

well put and A-greed

Anonymous said...

good to see there are more people out there who can see through these "outraged" hypocrites and recognize them for what they are. i hate all those hacky mornings zoos, but they don't deserve to be suddenly persecuted today for a song they've been played for years. management should have more backbone instead of caving at the slightest threat of a possible "boycott." it's such a shame that a very vocal minority is being given power by gutless management and opportunistic media desperate for any story they can use to distract us from the REAL problems like the Iraq war and the seemingly growing number of natural disasters that are killing thousands of people.

Patricia Brooks said...

People need to realize that it is only a radio SHOW, not real life! Some people like Mr Mas have no lives and nothing to do but to clamour for their fifteen minutes of fame. They are never regular listeners or fans; they could care less, in fact, except to0 let their names be knownd to make themselves feel "important". How stupid!