Friday, November 30, 2007

Navy Helps Those In Bangladesh: Crew Proud To Help

A helicopter prepares to land on the USS Kearsarge anchored off Bangladesh
In the predominantly Muslim Bangladesh, many are learning of the true spirit of Americans... Regardless of what lies they are told.
From AFP
ABOARD THE USS KEARSARGE (AFP) — Opposition to the US-led war in Iraq may be strong in mainly Muslim Bangladesh, but US military personnel ferrying aid to cyclone survivors have shrugged off any political concerns.

"It does not matter what your particular religion is. Suffering is universal. We travelled 4,500 kilometres (3,000 miles) to get here as fast as we could," navy Lieutenant Jim Hoeft said aboard the USS Kearsarge.

"This is a different operation. We are happy to give a glass of water to a child. It gives satisfaction to give a blanket to a distressed family. Everyone is very happy to do this, and we've seen nothing but gratitude," he said.
I am proud of the good work fellow Sailors are doing out there! It always brings me pause to see American Military forces (once again) helping those who have been taught to hate us.

These people will recover, thanks to the U.S. and they will return to hating us. It is all they are taught. Sad, but for the moment, proud.

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