Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fox News CEO To Donate To Ohio U.

From Business First of Columbus
Ohio University has landed a donation from Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger E. Ailes that will finance most of a planned $560,000 newsroom.
The university said Wednesday that Ailes, a 1962 OU alumnus, donated an undisclosed amount to the Scripps College of Communication. Spokeswoman Jennifer Bowie said Ailes isn't releasing to the public the amount of the gift, but added it funds the "majority" of the newsroom's cost.

I am a fan of Fox News, but so many of the liberal sorts aren’t. Now I went to Miami so I have always thought of Ohio University as being the liberal version of Miami (although liberal university is like saying ATM Machine.,. it is repetitive).

My question is, will all of those little budding liberal media students refuse to use a facility paid for by the CEO of Fox News? Nah, of course not, but in true lib style they will tell OTHERS not to.

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