Thursday, November 01, 2007

The New Look and Feel of Bearing Drift Ohio

Some of you may have noticed (That means you read, thank you) but for those who have not, Bearing Drift Ohio has a new layout and a new feel.

Although I will continue to comment on political issues, I have expanded Bearing Drift Ohio (BDO) to include music (Local and national), technology, sports (Mainly Bengals), pop culture, media (Including Radio and TV news and rumors) and whatever makes me chuckle.

Also, I will continue to talk about my homecoming to Columbus. After being gone for over ten years, a lot has changed, including me.

Additionally, soon there will be the Launch (or return for those who knew me in Virginia) of my LIVE call in Pod Cast, "BDO Radio". Topics will range, but the point will be to talk about whatever is on your… well, ok, on my mind. Stay tuned for more information on that soon!

So, please, give it a try. Take a break from politics and pull up a chair, pour yourself an adult beverage and enjoy BDO. I think you will find posts everyday that you will enjoy and links to other sites you may not have otherwise been to.

As always I am open to ideas, topics, etc.

Thanks for reading this and giving the new Bearing Drift Ohio a chance!

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