Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Ohio: What Does Brown Do?

In 2006 American said they were mad at Republicans. Ok, I get that, but caught in that Democratic hate machine was Senator Mike Dewine. Sen. Dewine was an outstanding Senator who worked hard for Ohio and never wavered on ethics.

So in 2006 Ohio elected Sherrodbuy a combBrown, the Democrat. So, Ohio, are you happy? The Dem controlled congress is useless and is polling below President Bush, and Sen. Brown, well all he has done has been an automatic vote in Ohio for Harry Reid.

Brown, from what I can tell, hasn’t done squat. Hell, even Michael J. Fox camped for him over stem cell research… what has he done about that? I mean this guy is the very definition of a Democrat empty suit!

Answer me this: What has Brown done for you?

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