Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow, Son of Cincinnati, Dies At 53

One of my favorite conservative public figures, Tony Snow, has succumb to cancer and died at age 53.

Tony Snow, who was the original host of Fox News Sunday as well as a radio show, eventually became the Press Secretary for the White House. Snow graduating from Princeton High School in Sharonville, Ohio, where his father taught social studies. His mother, who also died of colon cancer in 1973 when he was 17, was an inner city nurse.

Tony Snow is the type of Conservative I strive to be. He is committed to what he believes but he was never bitter about it nor was he an ideologue. He approach was intellectual with a constant flavor of humor and a smile. He was the sort of person you would hope people would think of when they thought of a “Conservative.”

Aside from politics, it was painfully obvious that his cancer was getting worse when he stepped down from his role at the White House. Although he said it was to make more money, I think we all knew that he was getting sicker and it was time to focus on his health and family. Interview after interview showed an optimistic man fighting a cancer that was apparently winning. There is something inspirational about watching such an influential man being so aware that his attitude and determination to fight his cancer could inspire others and reassure the rest.

A class act who, from all reports, was a fine person to be around and a dedicated family man. Also, you have to love someone of his stature who enjoys a good jam on stage!

On a side note, one has to wonder if the media will fall over themselves half as much as they did when Tim Russert passed away… My gut says ‘no’ and that is disappointing.

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Ben said...

No, the comparison between media coverage of Russert and Snow is pretty obvious.