Monday, July 14, 2008

NBC Runs "Russert is still Dead" Story... Before Snow is Even Buried

Only proving my point before regarding the media coverage of Tony Snow’s death, NBC Nightly News decided to run a story about what they call the “Russert Effect” less than two days after Tony’s Snow’s death. I mean, Snow is not even buried and NBC feels the need to put the spotlight back on their guy. As one blogger put it: It was like a state funeral for Russert while the story about Snow’s death is on the back page.

I can only imagine the editors’ meeting.
“Uh-oh... We better remind people that Russert is still dead”
Of course I am being ridiculous but don’t you think this story about Russert could have been run a little later in the week? NBC shows less class than David Gregory drunk over seas (again).

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