Tuesday, July 08, 2008

African American Network To Snub GOP Convention: Double Standard Membership Renewed

TV One, an African American demographic centric cable network has decided it will cover the Democratic Convention but not the Republican Convention. The reason? Well, most of their viewers are black and they do not feel the need to cover both since they are not a news organization.

TV One CEO Johnathan Rodgers said,
"My audience is 93% black, I serve my audience"
So here we go again… Stereotype any African Americans in any way, you are a racist son-of-a-bitch. An African American organization does so, it is their prerogative.

Also, if they are not a news organization, then why cover any convention; a news worthy item?

Once again the double standard is maintained and one has to ask how much hell would be raised if ANY other network (Save one for BET) decided to cover the GOP Convention but NOT the Democratic Convention? What if the CW decided to cover the GOP convention, but not the Democratic one because most of their viewers are white (Which is true)?
It would take Sharpton and Jackson about 2.3 seconds to protest and demand boycotts of that network (To say nothing of their standard sponsor bullying) if that were to happen.
We have come a long way, haven’t we... have we?

PS Since I dare question a Black Organization, am I a racist SOB? No, but that is the normal reaction. Oh well.

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Ben said...

TV One? Never heard of them.