Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tiberi Hosts Tela-Town Hall

Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi (OH-12) hosted what he called a Tela-Town Hall this evening. Via phone Tiberi fielded calls from folks in his district regarding the topic of energy.

During the call Tiberi took many calls from a variety of people. Among many points of note, Tiberi voiced his support for a gas tax holiday (Where earmarks money would be used to pay for the roads monies lost) and spoke about his frustration with the Democratic leadership blocking any vote on the floor regarding real energy solutions.

On a personally funny note was one caller who said she "Knew someone" in the 60’s who had a casr that was accidentally equipped with an experimental carburetor that got that person 60MPG and when the car was taken tot the shop, that carburetor was mysteriously removed. Ugh. That caller, Ann, would be served to read Snopes and not be so naive.

In any event, it was a very informative and interactive call with the Congressman and I appreciate his use of technology. Maybe he would like to join us here at BDO for a podcast? Hmmmm.

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