Saturday, December 08, 2007

WCMH 4 Too Cheap To Buy Umbrella For Reporter

As I watched the news on WCMH, I noticed their reporter, Matt Alvarez reporting live from Eastland Mall. The story was not what had my attention, Matt’s umbrella was. See, Matt was holding an umbrella from WSAZ, NBC 3 (See picture below). Matt’s bio does not show that he worked there, but it does say he has been with WCMH since 2006.

Is WCMH too cheap to buy their people umbrellas and since Matt did not work for WSAZ, who the hell did he steal that from?

I know I have been critical of WCMH before (ok, maybe twice), but this one is just funny. If you are going to make the poor guy stand in the rain (Because consultants tell you that is what we want) at least buy him some shelter.

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