Monday, December 03, 2007

Opie and Anthony Welcome Imus Back

Opie and Anthony went on Imus’ show to welcome them back and Imus was happy to see them.

You see, CBS fired Imus the DAY BEFORE his annual fund raiser for kids with Cancer. Nice. Anyway, the radio-a-thon went on (hosted by Imus’ wife) and Opie and Anthony took it upon themselves to encourage THEIR listerners to donate. Figures show that O&A were responsible for helping raise $2 million of the total funds raised. Hell, I gave! Imus talks about that.

Well someone at WackBag put the audio to a funny slide show… There are some inside jokes and references to the images, so if you don’t know O&A, you won’t get them. Ignore it and listen to the audio.

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