Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Ohio

Well, thank God 2007 is over. Not the best year for the Squeaky Wheel. Personally it was fine. I returned home to Ohio, reconnected with friends (some for the first time in over 10 years) and I have been able to see the amazing growth in Central Ohio.

Professionally 2007 has been a dud. The company I came here to work for turned out to be as committed and faithful to me as Bill Clinton is to Hillary. Luckily I have found a wonderful home with the Navy Reserve center here so once a month I am professionally satisfied. Ah the life of a free-lancer (and I think we all know that that is code for :-)

I took a beating on the sale of my house in Virginia, which took over 6 months to sell, but I unlike so many others, we stayed ‘right-side up’, so I guess that is good. Since I had not sold, I could not buy. However, just in time for Christmas we moved into our own house.

Anyway, here is hoping that 2008 is a better year all around for everyone.

Oh crap, it is an election year so it will be a year of more divisiveness and bitter politics. Well at least there will be plenty of fodder for all of us.

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