Friday, December 21, 2007

Dispatch Thinks The Olentangy Liberty HS Vieyra Story Is About Them? WTF?

The front page of the Columbus Dispatch was home to a follow up story about Olentangy Liberty High School teacher Erica Vieyra’s Spanish V lesson about immigration (read my take on it here).

What struck me odd about this story was that instead of being about the teacher or the lesson, it was about the attention this reporter and the Dispatch received from bloggers, CNN, Drudge and the like. The only problem is, the attention was not about the Dispatch or the author; it was about the lesson.

Now this may be hard pill to swallow for the Columbus Dispatch, but it not about them. You have to love a newspaper that places stories about Bronze Star Medal heroes in the second section but places a story about how much attention THEY think they received on the front page. Ugh.

Read Holly Zachariah’s story in the Dispatch and tell me what you think.

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Ben said...

The Dispatch is terrible.