Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Red White and Bust… WCMH NBC4 Blows It

Local NBC affiliate, NBC4 (WCMH) sponsors and broadcasts the Midwest’s largest fireworks display, Red White and Boom.

This year the pre-show was littered with mention again and again about how it will be shown in High Definition (HD). Each WCMH personality crowed about the high tech show this year. Apparently sound, however, is still a challenge.

Although the soundtrack is broadcasted on AC station WNCI 97.9, we chose to listen to the soundtrack and the sounds of the fireworks on WCMH. The opening scene showed the faces of Soldiers, Marines and Sailors who gave their lives in service. As this was on screen we hear the nation anthem... and the opening scene to NBC’s Law and Order.

You guessed it... during the national anthem and while showing dead soldiers, there was audio of a murder being discovered.

It is the 21st century and WCMH can’t figure out how to turn off the New York feed. Amazing and bush league at best. These fireworks may be the best in the Midwest but the production crew at WCMH is the worst. Way to go guys.

BTW, I called WCMH. They woman on the phone said I was “ the 10th person to call.” And she sounded annoyed. She said they were “were working on it”. Well you have 364 day to figure out your sound board.

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