Monday, July 16, 2007

Lawyer: “Ladies' Night Unfair” And Why He Can’t I Get a Date

Seems like my good friend Ragnar would like this one. From (the dying) UPI:

NEW YORK, July 13 (UPI) -- A New York lawyer filed a class-action lawsuit against night clubs he says practice gender discrimination with ladies' night promotions.

Attorney Roy Den Hollander claims the clubs, including the Copacabana Nightclub, China Club, A.E.R. Nightclub and Sol, violate the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law by offering discounted or waived admission fees for women during the promotions, the New York Post reported Friday.

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On so many levels this guy is a tool. I am sure he is lonely, pathetic, a loser, whiney, opportunistic and a Lawyer… but I repeat myself.

The only question is, will the ACLU take this case up or are they too busy suing Jesus?

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