Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remembering Tim Russert

I do not TiVo Face the Nation. I do not TiVo This Week… I TiVo Meet The Press with Tim Russert.

Today, on father’s day, we remember Tim Russert who died this week of a heart attack. It is bitter sweet on Father’s day since Russert was known for being so close to his father, Big Russ, and his son Luke (Half of XM’s 60/20 Sports with James Carville).

Also, for me it is personally sad since my love of this show (And news in general) comes from my own father. I have very fond memories of Sunday mornings watching Meet the Press with my father as he read the paper (and I the comics). To this day my father and I still find ourselves saying to each other, “Did you see [whoever] on Meet The Press?”. Like sports, Dad and I bond talking about politics.

Tim Russert's son, Luke, pauses over his father moderator's chair which he says he will keep foreverYou see, I did not learn what to thing about politics from my father... I learned HOW to understand politics and HOW to learn about politics and the news from my father so that I could think for myself. I learned by example and it is an increadible gift a parent can give. Meet The Press was part of that process.

So today we remember Tim Russert. With whom I sometimes disagreed with but always appreciated and counted on to inform us all. I wonder how the show will go on.

To quote Tim Russert, "What a country!" How true. How so true.

Go Bills... if only for a moment.

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will be missed