Thursday, June 12, 2008

Opie and Anthony Talk Guy Out of Suicide

Today on the CBS side of the Opie and Anthony Show, Tom, a regular caller who is terminally ill, called in to say goodbye as he intended to blow his head off. Long story short, the boys calmed him down and got him some help.

Although this has happened before on other shows such as Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge (douche) I believe this is the first time it has happened on O&A. Sadly two things are happening because of this. First off, a ton of Stern fans are all over the message boards claiming the boys ripped him off (seriously, we get it. Stern fans really are asses) and second, I expect that lawyers are panicking right now and will restrict on-air content over this.

The best line heard all day was a caller that said the lawyers will most like say that it is ok for Tom to kill himself on the air, but he can’t say the word “doodie” as he does it. Great point.

Audio below.

Thanks Steve C. for getting it up so fast (something NEVER heard being said by his wife). rims shot sound

h/t Ryan at Orbitcast


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