Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Party Unity in the Dems?

Soon after Hillary Clinton delivered her ‘Unity’ speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, a CNN reporter interviewed a Delegate who is also a Clinton supporter. One must wonder: Is she unique or do a lot of Clinton Democrats feel this way? And she is a delegate, not just some average voter!


Norma said...

I feel the same. I've never stayed home, but this might be the year. It depends on if McCain chooses a conservative to run with him, because "experience" does count and he's weak on the conservatism scale.

Thanks for the good link.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Thanks for reading!

I am interested in your point of view... What specific issues do you feel McCain is weak on, in regards to Conservatisim?

Ohio Bassist said...

This is the exact sort of irony that some Clinton feminists don't seem to get. The fight for woman's right to vote was in part a fight against the idea that woman are too "irrational" to vote. Now, these women are either not voting, or switching parties to "spite" the Democrats. So, it has nothing to do with logical reasoning about the issues, it's because they're feelings were hurt that they're candidate wasn't picked!

If McCain were to win due to a surge in Clinton cross-overs, I wonder how that would effect his presidency. There's a good chance that a lot of these spite-voters would still vote Dem. for other issues and candidates. So, what could seem like a mandate for McCain could actually spell a disconnect between the administration and the public. And the thing is, it could easily happen the other way around with disaffected Republican's voting for O.

There's a reason why this is considered a historic election. So much is up in the air, no one can say for sure how it will turn out!

LisaRenee said...

It's not spite, though a huge effort has been done to portray it that way, it's betrayal and some believe fraud.

That wasn't a woman who was full of spite, that was a woman who felt that the party she had worked for, strived for, betrayed her.

Nor is she the only one out there that felt that way, every where I go I run into women just like her, some have stated they will vote for McCain, some have said they will vote downticket and not vote for president, some say they will not vote at all and some say they will vote for Obama.

This whole theme that these women don't exist or it's some media created thing where it's only a few? Totally false...