Thursday, August 21, 2008

HUGE McCain Rally in Dayton: Huge Announcement?

Sen. John McCain will hold a big rally in Dayton, Ohio on Aug. 29, the day after "The Messiah” Obama accepts his anointment nomination at the DNC.

Is this event in Dayton going to be where his VP is announced? Who knows but that is the speculation. I can tell you first hand that no one knows if he will, and if so, who it is. Point is, this looks to be a great event and it goes to show that Sen. McCain understands that Ohio is THE state to win.

For information about the event and how to get free tickets, click the image.


Anonymous said...

The Squeaky Wheel said...

As usual the Dems are taking the “Hate the rich” approach. Never mind that it is Cindy McCain who owns the houses, never mind that Obama made over $5Million last year, oh and when it comes to real estate, never mind this, right?

Ohio Bassist said...

One thing about the concept of Obama being The DNC's Messiah, he sure is getting a lot of flack from certain segments of his party for someone who is supposedly going to be anointed! To me, Hillary was the one with the Heir syndrome, who just thought it would be handed to her. She sure it getting a lot of attention at the convention, considering she's the loser. I thought this piece covered it well:,2933,405463,00.html

Now, compared to McCain- maybe Obama's more "chosen". I know folks from Big Mac's party who were ready to jump ship, and some who already did, at the notion of The Maverick getting the nomination.

In any event, this is going to be a fun campaign season!

The Squeaky Wheel said...

You make some good points but the frenzy over the Biden pick was beyond news, it was journalists acting like super fans (ESPECIALLY MSNBC, which is the home of Kieth Olberman who will have a four-day erection during the DNC.. Chris Matthews will as well, but only when the Clintons are on stage).

Will there be that much frothing over the McCain pick? No.

How embarassing was the media frnezy over the Obama VP? So bad that the media itself is now running peices asking if it was over the top.

It is a lot like an addiction... if you have to ask yourself if you are addicted, then you ,ost likely are.

It is embarassing to watch the media follow Obama like a Tween at a Jonas Brothers concert (and I hat emyself for knowing who those kids are)