Saturday, October 13, 2007

Staged? Sure. Fantastic Image? Absolutely: Obama’s Team Gets This One Right

I am not huge fan of Barack Obama, although I would chose him over Hillary (I would chose a pile of dog shit over Hillary). Anyway, today the AP is running a photo (and accompanying article) of the Illinois Senator going door to door asking for votes in Des Moines, Iowa. Now I have no idea how many houses he actually visited, or for how long. For all we know this was a one shot photo op, but the point is as a PR professional I have to say that this is an amazing image.

I have commented before about the lost art of politicians personally asking for votes so I have to give credit to Obama’s advisors for coming up with this one. His efforts, as staged as they probably were, will not make or break the Iowa Caucus for him, but it is nice to see a candidate from either party humble enough to knock on a door and ask for a vote... even if it was just a photo op.

Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., waits patiently for someone to answer the door during a neighborhood canvas in Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. (AP Photo/Kevin Sanders)

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