Monday, October 15, 2007

Imus To Return To Airwaves Dec. 3


WABC (in NYC) apparently has inked a multi-million, mutli-year deal with the pioneer of radio. WABC also apparently fought off the disingenuine fake outrage from folks like Sharpton and others who demanded that no deal be made.

Of course there were a few people who used to use Don Imus’ show for their promotion and then turned on him for no other reason than to have a comfy seat on the band wagon. Sen. Clinton was one and reports say that she will be a target of Imus. Good.
The senator, who Imus has called "satan" and the "devil", traveled to Rutgers in April to praise the women's basketball team for its response to the controversy. In a campaign email, Hillary called Imus's comments "small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism."

"Hillary, prepare to meet your maker!" a source close to the host joked early Monday.

I hope Imus also goes after that two-faced SOB Tim Russert. Any time Slim-Tim needed to whore out a bo0ok or promotion to pay his buffet bill he would run to Imus’ show but he folded faster than a lawn chair he was sitting on.

Lest we forget that members of the hip hop community, including Snoop Dog, decided to pile on over the Spike Lee movie quote Imus used (Calling the beauty pageant quality Rutgers Girl B-Ball players “Nappy headed hoes").

Folks like Snoop said it was wrong for Imus to make the joke but it is ok for them to say Bitch and Ho because of the context. While I don’t disagree, I found it horrible they would not apply the same standards to Imus who was obviously making a joke. Of course these idiots are now scratching their heads wondering why their art is being attacked.

Anyway, welcome back I-man! You were missed.

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