Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Open Letter To Gay Republicans Politicians

Come out or get out, it is that simple. It is ok to be gay but it is not ok to be gay, lie about it and grandstand against gays so that you can fight what you consider the demons inside. Also, you hurt the party and fuel Democrats arguments about, well, I am not sure what. Whenever a Republican is outted as gay they attack. They claim it is because of hypocrisy and they are right, but in reality they also know homosexuality is titillating…

Now Dems are no saints, but there is no defending a closet homosexual that is so passionate about being anti-gay. If you have internal conflicts, deal with them, but when elected to high office you have a responsibility to be honest and if you can’t be honest with yourself or your family, how can we expect you to be honest with your constituents.

The log cabin has closets… I would just prefer they be filled with clothes and not politicians.

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