Monday, August 06, 2007

More Black-on-Black Crime

Apparently when you question conspiracy theories that insist that the government is after African Americans, you not only get pressure, you get fired. Former Radio One/XM Satellite Radio The Power channel weekend hosts Casey Lartigue and Eliot Morgan air out their grievances in the Washington Post, alleging that they were fired by the channel for challenging the authenticity of "Memorandum 46". Memo 46 is something that some conspiracy-happy African-American activists insist prove that the US government under the Carter administration plotted against black Americans.

Read what Casey Lartigue and Eliot Morgan have to say in Wapo.

Oh, and by the way, Al Sharpton got a gig on that station and XM when they were bumped. And I thought he got an XM gig as a quid pro quo for not firing Opie and Anthony. Who knew...

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