Monday, June 04, 2007

Stubborn Liberal “Forgets” to Blame Democrats

Stubborn Liberal has a quick bumper sticker post about Americans Dying. Specifically he makes the argument that if a Republican wins, we will be in Iraq for "another ten years" and asks "is that what you want?" Of course not but let's consider two things.

First, what is this ten years theory based on? I know, emotions, not any facts (Par for liberal bloggers) but more important, SL starts the whole post off by pointing out that every democrat in the debate last night wants to pull out. SL says:

I saw a video clip of the Democratic debate from New Hampshire and what I heard was that the Democrats are all for ending the war and the Republicans are in support of keeping the war going.

Of course not allowing comments on his blog (because why would you actually want to have to defend anything you write in the blogosphere?) I will ask the Stubborn, yet obviously uneducated Liberal this:

-Who is in the majority in Congress?
-Who controls funding?
-Who should blame their party first?

We were all told that Dems would "clean up congress (like cutting pet projects? -chuckle-chuckle-)" and that funding would be cut off for the war... claimed they "owned" the DNC. How is that working out?

Maybe a little less time living in the past blaming the GOP and a little reality check that your party used moderates to win majority, lied to you as to what they would do once in power, and sold you on the idea of blaming the GOP for THEIR lack of leadership. You must be so proud.

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