Friday, June 22, 2007

Libertarian Party Continues To Peak My Interest

Today, while enjoying the Powell Festival, I visited the booth for the Libertarian Party of Delaware County. I gladly signed their petition to be recognized by the county board of elections to allow their candidates to run under the party’s name. This is not the first time I have looked in to the Libertarian party.

In recent years I have become dissatisfied with the GOP and of course the Dems are nuts. My good friend Jim over at the original Bearing Drift really says it best as to what is wrong with the party (although he was focusing the GOP in Virginia, it still rings true). Truly I am a libertarian more than a Republican... Maybe I should just give in and switch.

I plan on attending their monthly meeting next week in the City of Delaware. I want to learn more. We’ll see. If anyone has any insight, please share.

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