Sunday, December 14, 2008

BDO Experiment: All Twitter, All of the Time

I have become fascinated with Twitter. Not sure how great it is, but I am willing to give it a try for a bit and I have decided to go "All in". Fold in the fact that Bearing Drift Ohio gets a very low number of daily hits (sigh) I am going to make Bearing Drift Ohio a Twitter Only destination for a bit.

The plan is simple: when you dial up you will be sent to my Twitter Page. There you can read my updates, join twitter and comment by following and learn more about what I am doing. So instead of coming to Bearing Drift Ohio to read long thoughts, you can simply walk with me for a minute to hear an idea.

Now people who are not members of Twitter will still be able to read my quick posts, click on the links I post, etc.

I will be shifting this URL to my Twitter page on Wednesday, December 17, 2009.


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Scott said...

Why not both? See: