Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama Slams Nancy Reagan

Imagine for just one moment that a Republican made a joke about ANY Kennedy, or a Clinton, or any one of thier families.

But what we will hear? "Oh relax... it was just a joke."

Really? Had a talk show host or radio jock made a joke about Ted Kennedy, or anything like this about a Democrat, there would be calls for them to be fired, Olbermann would be pitching a fit and people would cry to boycott sponsors... But it was not a radio person. It was the next President of the United States who asked for a new civil tone and dignity in politics. Wow, between this comment and choosing Rohm "Republicans can go fuck themselves" Emanuel as COS (yes he said that in an interview in 2006), looks like we are off to a great start for "change". (sigh)

TRIVIA: Guess which board Emanuel has served on? If you guessed Freddie Mac, you are right. Funny how these folks all seem to be connected to this crisis they now claim to have the answers for, isn’t it?


Another Voice said...

I saw this live, and NO ONE was laughing! He also seemed challenged to actually name all the living Presidents. As I said before the election “Be careful what you wish for”.

Jason R. said...

Yea, he just couldn't think of all of their names. What a joke.