Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Al Franken Running this Country? Think about it

Yes. That is what they want; a government with absolutely no checks and balances. A filibuster proof Senate for the Democrats and a Congress where Pelosi of San Francisco calls the shots for all of us. And to head this up, a rubber stamp President Obama to do whatever they tell him to do. They know this; even Hillary Clinton is being open about it in her ad for Comedian Al Franken’s run for Senate

When you vote, you are not simply choosing a local Congressman or Senator, or even a stand along President. This year you are choosing whether or not to give the Democrats unchecked and complete control. If you don’t like how Congress has run for the past two years, imagine them with zero checks.

Add to this a media that has proven that their lust for Obama prevents them from questioning him (and is punished if they dare ask hard questions), and a clear message that if any private citizen questions the "Political Messiah" they will be 'watched' and you have a bright future for America(?)

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