Sunday, September 09, 2007

Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby Killed Her Child, Period

By now everyone has heard the story of the monster who forgot her 2-year-old was in the car and let the child bake to death for over 8 hours. By now everyone has heard that she is an assistant principal and hopefully everyone has heard that leaving her child in a car apparently was a habit of this horrible person.

Also, I am hoping many are outraged that no charges are filed. Prosecutors and friends have done nothing but make excuses like she was stressed, that she did not mean to kill her child, that this was an accident… And yet a little two-year-old is dead. She died slowly and painfully as the heat slowly and painfully killed her.

Calling this an accident implies that the death could not be prevented, that the circumstances were out of anyone’s control; that this just happened. That is wrong. This could have been prevented if this monster had thought of her kid as she collected the rest of her crap out of her car.

Some have said she is suffering enough. Is she? So that is how it works now? If you feel bad enough then you do not have to be responsible for your actions? Hmmm. Interesting. So if I commit a crime and then feel bad about it, I do not have to answer to it? Can I have that in writing please? We truly do live in a touchy-feel-goodsim liberal world, don’t we?

But alas, here we are with a dead child and a mother who feels bad about it. Are we supposed to accept some of the excuses we hear to justify her deadly mistake? No, because no matter the excuse, the result remains the same.

She was in a rush… Her child is dead
She did not mean to do it… Her Child is dead.
"I know Brenda was stressed because of all the prep work for the first day of school," said their baby sitter… Her child is dead

See, no matter what angle you look at this, the child is dead. Also notice the amount of items she takes from her car. The fact is everything else she had was more important to her than her child. The donuts she bought made it out of the car, her child did not. She killed her child as she ate donuts.

Sad and she deserves to suffer well beyond the crying and guilt she feels. That sort of guilt is enough of a lesson if you step on your child’s toe, but she killed her daughter. She killed her daughter. She killed her daughter. Period.

And the sickest part is, she still has her job as an assistant principal. If she is so careless as to kill her own child, how can a school; trust her with a building full of children?

Charge her, arrest her and imprison her. She killed her daughter. She killed her daughter. She killed her daughter.

One Bob’s Opinion has a good piece on this. Please read this.


Anonymous said...

Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby said that she wants to go back to work, the same place where her daughter died a slow, painful death at her hands. How can her husband stay married to this horrible monster, he must be the world's biggest loser. He should be screaming for justice, she murdered his daughter too. At least let a jury decide. She left the child alone in the car on numerous occassions, including that same morning at the bakery. I guess next time someone kills someone, they just have to say I've suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Slaby is a fat donut eating hog, who murdered a child. Michael Vick murdered a dog, and he's going to jail.

Another Voice said...

Having raised two children, and now occasionally watching my two grandkids I am in total disbelief that any parent can "forget about" their child. At the very least this is negligent homicide.
SW is absolutely right:
This was preventable
This was a predictable result of her actions
This was apparently not the first time she did this

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this investigated? Brenda and Gary Slaby had a convicted rapist and sexual predator to babysit for their young daughters. The rapist has previously raped young girls. When the police released the silver Mercedes SUV murder vehicle back to the Slabys, where did they hide the vehicle? At the residence of the convicted rapist. And why do they feel a need to "hide" this car? Most people would never even get it back from the police. The name of the rapist is Gary Kuyper. He lives in Warren County about 3 minutes away from the Slabys. Look him up on the Warren County Sheriff's sexual predator web site

Anonymous said...

this makes me feel so sick to my stomach. the poor baby. i just dont understand how anyone could forget they put their baby in the car? and it's happened more than once. im beginning to feel like she did this on purpose. i mean, she's been warned about it before. and she can remember her precious doughnuts, but not her child. thats ridiculous. but it's just wrong, its common sense not to do that. im sure if her husband was the one to leave the baby, then he'd go to jail right away. but im just wondering, hasent this happened before, where a parent left their child in the car, and came back to find the child dead? why did this particular story go national, because of the long amount of time she was left in the car? well, anyway, it was a horrible thing that happened. and i REALLY hope she's learned her lesson. i hope everyone learned a lesson here, and that it never happens again.

Anonymous said...

man, you guys read an article and add your own version to what really happen. This is a very very sad story and an accident that has happened to many people. This woman did not make a habit of leaving her daughter in the car, she said she had left her in the car before but not making it a habit. Also, she lost her job. I do not think this is a woman who is a terrible person or someone who purposedly killed her child and it's not somethig we call murder.. unfortunately, it's an accident and the family is suffering and people like you continue to add salt to their wounds. Let them grieve but you guys can not do that you feel the need to pass judgement and this is why our world is so lost today. This world needs to learn about forgiveness.. I feel for this woman and her family.

Anonymous said...

This is a horrible source. The people who wrote this should be ashamed of themselves and the responders are uneducated hillbillys from the sound of it. you people are sick!

Anonymous said...

You SICK people that post JUDGEMENTAL comments on here are imposing that you are PERFECT. So you are publically stating you have NEVER made a MISTAKE. If you have kids let me ask you this: Where are your knives, are they left on the counter? Where anyone can reach?; Are medicines & chemicals locked up?; Do you have hook & eyes at the top of your doors so when you turn your head for a split second your child won't run into the middle of the road?; Is your car keys kept in a safe secure place? So your young child can't get into your car & start it or your teenager can't take it for a joy ride.; Have you ever exceed the speed limit while there were children in the car? Have you ever exceed the speed limit period? If so you could have somebody elses children.; Have you ever let your child drive in your lap or left their seatbelt off because you were just going around the corner? Are your guns in a gun safe? Abused DRUGS of any kind? Drank when in caring for children? Whether its a late night drink & your children are in bed, it still leaves you impaired. Drive drunk? .......If you can answer yes to any 1 of these questions then you should count yourself blessed because your mistake didn't kill someone. Maybe should I say YOUR child.